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For Patients

Patients that suffer from cardiovascular, endocrine, nutritional or metabolic diseases

We help patients navigate into the healthcare system and collaborate with their care team, removing the time and costs wasted in waiting rooms and transportation.

Access to care for the physically impaired, patients with disabilities or simply patients that live in rural areas and have difficulty commuting.

For Physicians

Doctors of Cardiology, Endocrinology and General Practitioners.

We help physicians to gain back wasted time from routine visits managing chronic patients.


Healthcare should be patient-centric and patients should be active participants in the management of their health.

Healthcare silos

Healthcare complexity leads to silos, fragmentation of data and disruption in interdisciplinary communication and action.

Some Facts

0 M

40-hour workweeks each year in in-person visits and transportation in US.

£ 0 M

Annual cost due to missed apointments only for NHS.

0 %

Of physicians worldwide have experienced burnout or depressions due to exhaustion.

0 X

Increase in the use of health remote services.

0 %

Increased patient satisfaction with remote health.

0 %

Decrease in post-op readmissions.

For Patients

  • My Health

    Engaging dashboards and a gamified environment to motivate chronic patients actively manage their health and reach their goals.

  • Remote Care

    You treating physician or team is aware on the patients progress 24/7 and can provide care remotely when necessary.

  • All in one place

    Wearables, smart scales, wireless blood pressure and sugar monitors, ECGs alla connected into one app to gather the patients data and enable efficient remote care.

For Doctors

  • Patient Status

    The physician can remotely check the patients status and intervene in real time and remotely.

  • Virtual Care

    Physicians now have a virtual practise. From appointment scheduling to remote monitoring and assistance.

  • Get paid

    The Virtual Care suite is completed with a payment system. The treating physician and team can get payed online for the remote services provided.

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